DLK Designs

DLK Designs was born out of love, wanting to make cute and unique outfits for our little people. 

We are a mum (Debbie) and daughter (Kelly) small business based in Brisbane.

For over 36 years, Debbie has been making outfits for her 4 daughters. She was a pro at making them matching outfits for many different occasions. Now she makes matching outfits for her 4 grand babies - Oscar, Zara, Emersyn and Asher. 

For Kelly, she was looking for something different to do and started a local market stall up. At that point, not having children and having a full time job, it was a hobby. It has now turned into a passion. Having had 2 kids, Oscar in 2016 and Emersyn in 2018, the creative dream is more alive. 

We appreciate every single order and hope to be able to see pictures of your little people in our products for years to come!